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Running a business is hard, but we've got your back. We outfit offices with supplies and furniture to maximize their efficiency and minimize their stress. And with buying power from the Basics Network, you get the quality, selection and service you expect at the most cost-effective prices.

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Office Supplies

Essential Office Supplies and Stationery for Your Office Needs!

Explore our comprehensive range of pens, binders, and desktop essentials. Quality and functionality meet in our stationery selection to support your daily office tasks.

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Office Furniture

Quality Furniture for Your Workplace!

Browse our selection of durable and stylish workplace furniture, designed to enhance comfort and productivity. Find the perfect pieces to transform your office environment today!

Industrial Supplies

Reliable Industrial Supplies for Your Business!

Explore our wide range of high-quality industrial supplies, designed to meet your operational needs and ensure maximum efficiency. Equip your business with the best!

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Arts, Crafts & Hobbies

Unleash Your Creativity with Arts, Crafts & Hobby Supplies!

Discover our diverse range of arts, crafts, and hobby supplies, perfect for sparking creativity and bringing your imaginative projects to life. Start your creative journey with us today!

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Stamps & Signs

Make Your Mark with Our Ink Stamps and Signs!

Browse our selection of high-quality ink stamps and signs, perfect for adding a professional touch to your documents and guiding your workspace. Stamp your authority and guide your space today!

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Packaging & Shipping

Secure Your Shipments with Our Packaging and Mailing Supplies!

Explore our comprehensive range of packaging and mailing supplies, designed to protect your items and ensure they reach their destination safely. Enhance your shipping process with us today!

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Supporting Your Business Every Step Of The Way

With a Prestige Account, we roll out the red carpet for your business, no matter the size or stage of growth. Sign up now for your account, and we'll help you set up your office for success with incredible service and savings.

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We Do More Than Just Sell Products

With 60 years of experience, we remain committed to our principles of providing the highest quality products, unparalleled service levels and a customer-focused approach.

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